Tuesday, 27 january

Dzintari concert hall

 The large hall of Dzintari concert hall 

The large concert hall with 2024 seats was to be one of the first open-type concert halls in Latvia and the applied acoustic and constructional solution was among the best. There are no walls and the space merges with the surrounding Jurmala dune park.

Dzintari concert hall was reconstructed and renovated from 2004 - 2006. The stage of hall was rebuilded with special acoustic elements - rhombs from the glass and transforming stage platform. Now it has 5 levels which are useful for symphonic, choral and jazz music concerts.

The small (covered) hall

The covered concert hall with elements of classicism and national romantism was built in 1936 on the bases of the project developed by architects A.Birzenieks and V.Mellenbergs. Dzintari concert hall is monument of culture heritage. In the nearest future concert hall will be renovated.

The Concertgarden

There is a huge park in territory of Dzintari concert hall for walking and relaxing. In the meantime of concerts it is possible to experience the sunset. The concertgarden is comfortable for visitors -they can take a cup of coffe during  concerts, walk through park and enjoy the landscape.

The funtain made by artist Inta Berga makes the atmosphere more romantic during summer season at Dzintari concert hall.


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