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MUSIC & FILM FESTIVAL - Emir Kusturitsa and group The No Smoking Orchestra

17.07.2010 - 19:30
Large hall
SIA “ASG PRODUCTION”, Reģ. Nr. 40103234384, Maskavas 214-48, Rīga, LV 1019

On July, 17th - Emir Kusturitsa and group The No Smoking Orchestra - a special concert-visualisation
Emir Kusturitsa, who is the Serbian film director, the musician and the composer, owns 2 Golden Palms of the Cannes film festival; he also owns the Silver bear and Silver lion for the best direction on the Berlin and Venetian film festivals accordingly; he got a reward "Sezar" (France) in a nomination for the best film of the EU countries; "Commandor the French Award of arts and the literature".

All world is constructed on thin interrelations. Day and night. Water and sand. The man and the woman. Music and cinema ...
As a rule collision, connection, at first sight, the unjoinable gives unexpected, at times paradoxical effect .... But the main thing that, at all contradictions, all it perfectly gets on in one world, the talent corrects which!

Latvia is the European cultural crossroads!
The festival which will pass in the best halls of Riga and Jurmala, urged to become the original bridge connecting cultural spaces of Russia, Europe and the USA by means of great stars and groups.
The main presentation actions will pass in a Jurmala concert hall of "Dzintari". It has unique 75-year-old history, musicians, singers, actors of world level here acted. Also the Latvian National Opera and the best clubs of Riga and Jurmala will be involved.

The Festival concept
The festival will not be a train of usual or summary concerts. The basic plan, a festival highlight consists in a non-standard way of giving of a show, refusal from habitual receptions of the organisation of show. Work of producers, directors, script writers and all creative personnel is directed on creation of festival which would justify the name. Special giving of stars and groups, scenography, an active visual number, all will be subordinated one purpose - to intrigue and amaze the spectator! It can be reached at the expense of mixture of various genres and forms, use of all most progressive making elements of the modern art...

And also ...
Within the limits of the festival there will pass experimental show program MUSIC VIDEO. ONLINE - the well-known Russian and European directors-clipmakers, who are working with musicians of various styles, will show their secrets of the skill, they will share personal receptions of shooting on all kinds of the movie equipment (from a movie camera to a household house videocamera, the camera and to a mobile phone).
Premier display of their new works also will be presented to the spectators. Besides, in online a mode they can become witnesses and participants of video of shooting of their favourite film stars, but someone will have the luck to carry out shooting independently!
The famous Russian director-clipmaker Irina Mironova, who has made more than 400 musical clips for stars of the Russian show business (Alla Pugacheva, Christina Orbakajte, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Valery Syutkin, Zemfira, MAKSIM, Timati ...), will remove to online a mode with use of unique technology (without installation) a film about festival and will present it in finishing festival evening!
For gourmets the special programme will be presented, it is devoted to the brightest musical decisions in the world cinema. They will be "Cabaret" by Bob Foss, Ken Rassell's "Lisztomania", and «The Doors» by Oliver Stone ...

Well-known Russian journalist Maxim Semeljak will act as a DJ and he will present the unusual vision of the club programme in format MUSIC&CINEMA.

Founders and organizers of festival
- The producer company «ASG Production» (The International Film Forum «Ecology of Soul», Russian Film Festival in the Baltic States, Alexander Abdulov was the permanent president from the moment of its basis);
- «Production of bureau EXIT» The Award of the Russian academy of cinema arts and sciences «NIKA», МIFF);
- «Kruchinina Production» led by the designer, the set dresser and the stylist Victoria Kruchinina (the winner of award World Fashion 2008, the author of realisation of all projects and design of the HOUSE «Factory of stars» of the First channel);
- The Russian film expert and the culturologist, the doctor of art criticism, the director of the Russian institute of cultural science Cyril Razlogov;
With support:
- The Riga municipal administration;
- The Jurmala municipal administration.

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